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Introducing UD Vidami

UD Vidami is the next generation of the UD Rep pedal.

We've upgraded the software to allow for a smoother experience with YouTube, Vimeo and Marty Music.  There is added firmware for more functionality in the future, as well as a new housing. 

UD Vidami is also compatible with all international keyboard layouts. We have rebranded as we realized that our unique pedal deserves a unique name!  We will be updating UD Vidami extension periodically to allow use with more video players.  We are super excited about the future of UD Vidami and we believe it will change how people learn music online.  

YouTube guitar instructor Steve Stine introduces UD Vidami

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“Freaking brilliant…”

- Tony G.

"Customer service is awesome. I will be first in line for any new offerings."

Toney D.

"My new #1 pedal for practicing & transcribing"

- Mike G.

"A game-changer... I'm able to control all aspects of the video, hands-free with my foot!"

- Marty S.